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More prints added to my shop today.
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New prints available in my shop.
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Samantha Sealy | Norwich CT, USA | FotoFilmic

My short interview is up on Fotofilmic!

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F/F’14 ShortList#03 Announced! | FotoFilmic

I am part of the 3rd shortlist for FotoFilmic’s 2014 juried photography competition. I’m really grateful for this chance to have my work shown on a wider platform & will have more updates for you all soon.

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I now have an etsy shop (link is on the bottom of my page as well) for prints of my work.If you have a photograph in mind that isn’t on my shop you can message me about a custom order!

I recently graduated from college, had a birthday & am currently in the process of moving & finding employment. I have very little funds with unfortunately no family who is able to help. I don’t have health insurance & have been sick since April & I’d really love to go to a doctor. Any amount of prints purchased will go towards general living expenses like health insurance, food, my upcoming rent & eventually film + supplies. I always knew it would be hard but after the death of my mother things have gotten exponentially worse monetary wise. My family is currently in the middle of a lawsuit & to be honest I’m just very unhappy right now. It’s been a rough couple of years. I’ve seen a few other artists with paypal donation buttons & decided it wouldn’t be as embarrassing as I probably think it is to have one. Click here or go to the “About me” page for the donate button. I don’t expect anything but on the off chance someone has $1 to spare I’d be really grateful. I’m trying my best to stay hopeful & motivated that things will get better soon while trying to better things for myself. I just really need a little bit of happiness in my life.

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My best friend is moving away and I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again. Everyone I’ve ever loved leaves and never returns. Maybe this time it will be different.